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1 in 7 Americans are digitally illiterate, and more than 75% of older Americans need help with technology on a regular basis. No matter what technological issue you struggle with, you are not alone in that struggle. If you have questions about technology or about Hope School Electronics in general, we’re here to provide answers. We encourage you to look through our Frequently Asked Questions, below.

What kind of technological issues can Hope School Electronics help me with?

Our experts and leaders have experience with a wide variety of digital and technological issues, including some of the most common and teachable household tech problems. Some of the issues we help with include: 

  • Computer literacy (learning Microsoft Windows, Apple/Mac, or other systems) 
  • Typing and Word Processing 
  • Internet Browsing and Network Usage 
  • Phones, Tablets, and Other Mobile Devices 
  • Cables, Cords, Printers, and Other Connectivity Problems 
  • Feelings of disconnection, being overwhelmed and other technological learning problems

If you need help with anything related to electronics or technology, contact us about it! Even if your specific issue is not mentioned here, it is very likey that we can help.

How do I get started with Hope School Electronics?

You can contact us directly from the submission form on our home page, or from any of our ‘Contact Us’ links at the bottom of each page on our site. Drop us a line any time and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

One of the best ways to start, is to book a 1-hour appointment with our head electronics Coach! It only costs $10. You may do so by clicking here! In this appointment you can receive assistance in technological problems you may have. You can also simply learn something new! You can set goals and you can reach them.

You may also read our blog posts. They contain helpful information for anybody who may want to grow int their understanding of electronics.

In the meantime, please explore our website to the best of your ability – and be sure to join our online community by becoming a member (for free). Once you’re a Hope School Electronics member, you have access to entirely new worlds of information and learning, as well as stay connected to your fellow friends, seekers and digital learners.

How do I book an appointment with your head electronics coach?

Great question! If you want to book an appointment, go to the appointment booking page by clicking this link: https://hopeschoolelectronics.com/electronics-coaching-bookings/ 

There you will see instructions on how to choose a time and day to have an electronics coaching session! You will also see information there about our head electronics coach, whom you will be meeting with.

How much does everything cost?

We are a nonprofit, so we try to make our prices as accessible as possible. Becasue of this, most of our services are completly free. The only services that cost money are our electronics coaching sessions. In short:

Our Free Services:

Our $10 services:

  • 1-hour long electronics coaching sessions where you can recieve help with specific problems or also recieve training in how to use any of your electronics.
What other resources can I check out for help?

We keep an eye out for all the latest and greatest online electronic learning resources, including free resources that everyone can access (whether you’re a Boomer, a Millenial, or Gen Y). Below are a few of our favorites: 


I am in an emergency technological crisis. What should I do?

If you are in an emergency situation, a crisis, or if you feel that your life or the life of someone you love is in danger, please call 911 or get to the nearest emergency room. If your situation is truly urgent, do not wait to take action. You can always return to these resources later, when you (or your loved ones) are safe. Your health and wellness are our first priority and we will be here when you are well enough to come find us again. Technology can wait – just use the phone or internet to get immediate help, and come back to us when you’re ready.

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