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Once you set up the appointment, we will contact you with a Zoom link. If you haven’t used Zoom before, we can start our first session over the phone and in that way,  teach you how to use zoom.

We offer $10 electronics coaching sessions! The reason these sessions are so affordable is because of our generous sponsors!


Once you have successfully booked an electronics coaching session with us, we will send you a link you can use to pay for the session. Or you can pay for it in advance by clicking  here.

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Joel Stock

Joel Stock

Website Manager and Electronics Life Coach

I am Joel Stock and I am in charge of website management and work as an Electronics Life Coach for Hope School Electronics. I grew up in the dusty agricultural south of Pakistan and studied Physics and Biblical Theology at Biola University. I have always been interested in better understanding electronics and sharing what I learn with friends and family. This passion has naturally lead me to my role here with Hope School Electronics.

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