Throughout his many trials and tribulations, John Lashbrook’s mother was ever at his side, cheering him on. 

“She never gave up on me,” says John. 

As Founder and CEO of Hope School Electronics, John Lashbrook has made it his life’s mission to help those in need. This mission was inspired by the woman who showed him love, inspiration and courage every day of his life – his mother. John’s mother never gave up on him, though there were times when he wanted to give up on himself. 

Throughout her life and until her death, she stood fearlessly and lovingly by John’s side. Each took care of the other through hard times, through ups and downs, through all of life’s sorrows and joys. 

This website and its founding mission are dedicated to her, in loving memoriam.

Ruth Raisch Lashbrook Mitchell 1917-2018

The life of Ruth Raisch Lashbrook Mitchell

A child of the Depression, Ruth’s father was a farmer, a pastor, and the headmaster of a school for the children of his congregation. Assisting at this school, Ruth grew in friendship with the new teacher, Jack Lashbrook, who she had originally met through their college evangelism outreach group at church. A blossoming romance lead to their marriage in 1939. Together they had four sons and, after Jack became a pastor, served together across the United States, Canada, the West Indies and Barbados. In 1960 they went on furlough in Wilmore, KY where Jack died unexpectedly, leaving Ruth alone with her sons. But with determination and a much-needed scholarship, Ruth entered as the oldest freshman in the Asbury University class of 1964 and graduated with a teaching certificate, as valedictorian of her class.

Ruth was immediately hired on at Asbury as a part time teacher while she earned a master’s degree in Literature at the University of Kentucky. She was then promoted to full-time teaching at Asbury and retired in 1982 when she married, Jack’s college friend, Roland Mitchell, known as “JR.” This made Ruth the loving step-mother of four more adult children as she partnered with JR’s ministry as an evangelist and later, an interim pastor. In 2003, Ruth was once again widowed as she had to say farewell to her partner of 21 years.

Still undaunted by life’s challenges, Ruth remained a vital part of her neighborhood and her friends could count on her prayers for them. Prayer was incorporated into every part of her life and she memorized scripture and hymns out of her deep love for her Lord. Her life’s desire was to bring others into relationship with the God she knew and loved. This desire of her heart made a life-altering impact on her son John, on September 11, 2016. John was her physical caregiver at the time, but she turned to him and caring for his spiritual life, asked, “do you want to have a better way of life?” This question and her inspiration gave John the encouragement he needed to turn back to God and turn his life around. She strengthened John in the Spirit, as she has strengthened so many others throughout her life.

Ruth’s creator blessed her with intelligence and a sharp mind until the very end of her life on earth. She took care of her own affairs and remained informed of the world well into her hundredth year of life. On Valentine’s Day in 2018, this woman of Love left her place on this earth to join her heavenly father’s warm embrace. We know she heard His voice greet her and say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”