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Windows 10 tutorial  


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22/09/2020 3:45 pm  

Windows 10 Tutorial Video

Click on this link for a tutorial for some good general tips on how to use windows 10:


The video is made by Vadim Mikhailenko, on the YouTube channel called Online Training For Everyone. He is not affiliated with Hope School Electronics.

Here are some of the topics covered by the video:

- Windows Start button

- Windows Taskbar

- Windows Status Bar

- Windows Settings

- Cortana

- Desktop

- File Explorer

If you are absolutely unfamiliar with computers, then it may be hard to follow everything in the video. However, if you have some computer experience, maybe with an older windows computer or with a mac, then this is a good introduction into the parts of the Windows 10 operating system that are unique.

One thing you may consider doing is slowing down the speed of the video. Vadim talks a little bit fast for some people. If you want to know how to slow down a YouTube video, click on this link:

If you have any questions or comments about this post or the video I am recommending, then please reply to this post and let me know!


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