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"iPhone For Seniors" video series  


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22/09/2020 11:01 am  

Here is a video series on YouTube that gives instruction on using an iPhone.

It is geared towards seniors!


The video series is created by Thomas Jadallah. He is not affiliated with Hope School Electronics in any way, though these videos are linked here with his written consent.

Here is the link to the whole playlist.


Here are the titles of the individual videos in the playlist. To open up the video, click on the title written below:

1) Introduction To iPhone for Seniors

- This video introduces the video series.


2) Which Phone is Right for Me?

- This video compares different iPhone models.


3) Best iPhone Cases and Screen Protectors

- This video gives advice for what type of phone cases and screen protectors to get for your iPhone. It also gives links to Amazon where you can buy the phone cases and screen protectors that are mentioned in the video.


4) Setting Up Your iPhone

- This video walks through all the steps for setting up your iPhone so that you can get started using it.


5) How to Download Apps on iPhone

-  This video shows how to use the  "App Store" application on your iPhone to be able to download a app onto your iPhone.


6) How to Send Email From iPhone

- This video shows how to connect your email account to your iPhone and then use your iPhone to read, write and manage emails.


7) How to Track Steps on iPhone

- This video shows how to use the "Health" app to make your iPhone track the amount of steps you take while having your phone on you.


I hope you enjoy these videos and find them helpful! If you have any questions or concerns related to these videos, please reply to this post and let me know!