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First-Time Zoom User? Here's a Clear Video Tutorial!  


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24/09/2020 10:04 pm  


Zoom is a great application for your computer or phone. It allows you to video-call people! Almost every smartphone or computer should be able to run zoom.

Click on the link to the right to see a clear video tutorial to join a zoom meeting through your computer for the first time -> Zoom for Senior Adults (and others)...

Note that this video only shows how to connect to zoom through a computer once someone has already given you an invitation to join a call. The process through a smartphone is a little different and the process for starting a zoom call is also different.

The video was made by Pastor John Wallace, who is not affiliated with Hope School Electronics in any way. It is simply a good resource that we found on the web! Pastor John has given us permission to post this link here, so please show him your thanks by subscribing to his YouTube channel if you enjoyed the video. I hope you enjoy!


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