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Hope school Electronics

Learn how to use your devices to grow..

In today’s technologically complex world, it’s more important than ever to possess a solid working knowledge of digital tools and common household technologies. Digital literacy is key. You shouldn’t have to choose between swimming in a sea of cables that won’t connect or swearing off technology for good. Luckily, Hope School Electronics is here to help. 

Think of us as your own personal community of digital gurus.

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Household Electronics

The modern smartphone has millions of times more processing power than the computers that landed us on the moon in 1969. There’s more computing power in a pocket calculator than NASA had back then. Our houses are now small technological marvels, modern space stations in miniature whether we realize it or not. It’s no wonder we all need a hand with technology from time to time.

...And Professional Digital Tools

We are here to help you navigate your digital choices and find the most rewarding electronics options for you, so you can feel comfortable and competent in today’s world, inside or outside the house. With Hope School Electronics you can achieve your professional goals and learn the skills you need to succeed in the complex, rapidly evolving digital landscape of today.

Review The Latest Household Technologies

Household technology is changing at breakneck speed, and Hope School Electronics wants to help you keep up with the times. We want you to feel confident and capable no matter what you’re trying to master, whether it’s the latest and greatest iPhone, a new Nikon camera with a cinematic lens, a TV that responds to voice control, or a microwave that also does your laundry (just kidding, we don’t think that one exists yet.)


Strengthen Your Digital Understanding

Find, master, and maintain the digital knowledge that makes life infinitely easier and more convenient than our ancestors ever dared to dream. Time-savers, digital processors, computers, and solid working tools are fundamental to any well-rounded life.


Manage Your Tech-Savvy (or Lack of Savvy) Stress

Don’t sweat the small stuff — and it’s all small stuff, right? Our expert technicians, video forums and digital resources can help you manage tech-related stress in healthy ways, so you’re better able to cope with a broken computer and handle a cracked iphone screen without pulling all your hair out, or setting your office on fire.

Get Connected

A sense of belonging is the foundation to a happy and well-adjusted life. Nothing fosters a sense of belonging faster or more conveniently than our modern electronic tools that allow us to stay connected digitally, remotely, and virtually. Our online community can connect you with a tight-knit network of others like you. It can also get you in touch with trained professionals and qualified experts who can navigate the waters of electronic learning, digital education, technological techniques and household electronic mastery – moving right alongside you every step of the way.

Why learn electronics? 

Electronics are a central, integral, and absolutely crucial aspect of modern living. Even if you yourself live in a mud hut disconnected from electricity, your society – and the entire world around you – has been permanently and irrevocably altered by electronics and by the advancement of electronic technology.  Having a grasp on technology is as important these days as being able to read, write, drive a car or cook a meal for yourself. Without it, your quality of life suffers, your opportunities dwindle, your career self-implodes, and your daily tasks become monstrously difficult.

Who is Hope School Electronics for? 

Hope School Electronics can be for anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter your age, skill level, occupation, whether you live out in the boondocks without so much as a landline phone or in a fancy apartment with all the latest gadgets hooked up to your own personal WiFi network. Everyone can benefit from solid digital education and a basic mastery of technology – but it’s especially valuable for those who struggle with learning new skills, keeping up with new digital trends and technologies, or who simply want to expand their digital horizons.

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What does the process of learning electronics look like?

Electronics instruction is all about acquiring digital literacy, and a reasonable amount of comfort and proficiency with common tools and technologies that can transform your daily life. The learning process focuses on letting you get out of your own way – so the electronics can do their job. With clear instructions, helpful tutorials and achievable action items, you can break down seemingly insurmountable technological obstacles into small, achievable goals. You can turn impossible technological fantasies into byte-sized dreams.

To the right are some ways Hope School Electronics can help address your technological issues and needs:

Below are some ways Hope School Electronics can help address your technological issues and needs:

Tap on the little (+) icons to reveal answers to these questions!

Tap on the little (+) icons to reveal answers to these questions!

1. Wondering how to contact friends and family?

 We have advice for great ways to stay in touch. We also give step-by-step instructions for getting in touch with those you love!

2. Have a specific learning style?

We provide instruction through videos, blogs, one-on-one coaching and forum discussions. Soon we will also provide online seminars! We hope to teach in one of the ways you learn best!

3. Need inspiration for how technology can help?

Get some inspiration from our blog posts and see what our digital experts have to share!

4. Do you have gaps in your understanding of electronics?

Our technological educators seek to help to get your electronics education back on track, starting from the basics. We want to help with any level of question you have!

5. Trying to meet or make technological goals?

It’s great to have attainable goals, and we can help you on each step of the way! As you reach each goal, you can more fully experience the joy of living with modern conveniences and technological marvels at your command!


I really appreciate what you are doing. This is something needed by, especially older people who did not grow up with all this technology. Joel was so patient and understanding and encouraging!

Judy P.


Through connection, education and community action we aim to help those around the world who struggle with electronic mishaps in daily life and technological inconveniences. We aim to provide a full suite of digital resources and technological expertise that anyone can access, with free membership for those wanting to take their learning to the next level. On his own personal journey toward wellness, our founder John Lashbrook has dealt with technological challenges and traveled the world in search of solutions. His life’s work today is to impart the wisdom and resources he’s acquired to anyone in need.

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